British Columbia Disability Tax Credit


In British Columbia, there are several tax benefit programs available to help people with disabilities. A tax disability credit can make all the difference when it comes to covering your monthly expenses. In so many cases, people suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities which impact their ability to earn a steady wage. They might only be able to work part-time, perform only certain duties, or possibly not even work at all. While your income suffers, your monthly expenses are not going to cease just because you can’t afford them. You still need to pay for things like your rent or mortgage, food, electric, and so on. All the more reason to apply for your tax disability credit sooner rather than later!


Common misconceptionsbc-disability-tax-credit

There are a number of common tax disability credit misconceptions. The main one being that many people think that they do not qualify. The fact of the matter is, what have you got to lose by trying? If you apply and you do not qualify, at least you will know why. If you do qualify, you can enjoy fantastic tax relief exactly when you need it! So, before you assume that you do not qualify for a tax disability credit, ask an expert to help you assess your situation and submit your application. Another shared worry about the process is that it is far too complicated, time-consuming, and simply not worth it. This might seem to be the case if you are attempting to submit your application on your own. When you have the professional help of an expert, they will make this process faster, easier to understand, and they will also be able to answer all your questions and set your mind at ease.


Regarding it not being worth your effort – everyone could use some financial relief. This applies even more to those with or living with people with disabilities. Once you are approved, you will need to apply again after a predetermined period of time but, until then, you don’t need to worry about a thing!


Qualifying questions

Just like the rest of Canada, if you want to qualify for a disability tax credit in British Columbia, you need to fulfill certain criteria. Your disability (whether temporary or permanent) needs to affect your life to a significant degree. The questions asked in the form you complete, the supporting documents, and the testimony of your doctor will all attest to this. If your ability to dress, feed, bathe, or otherwise take care of yourself in a reasonably timed manner has been compromised, the official handling your case will assess accordingly. Similarly, if your disability affects your ability to work and earn a living, this will also be considered when you apply.


Other tax relief optionsdisability-tax-credit-bc

There are many ways of enjoying tax relief in British Columbia. Unfortunately, many of these helpful options are terribly underused. Apart from your disability tax credit, you could qualify for home renovation tax credits, back to school tax credit, and even a farmers’ food donation incentive to help encourage farmers to donate products to registered charities. What’s interesting to note about home renovation tax credits is the fact that they apply to seniors and people with disabilities to help cover any costs of renovations needed for mobility reasons. So, if you rely on a wheelchair and you cannot navigate the steps in front of your home, it would be worth finding out about a ramp and a tax credit to go with it! Motor fuel tax credits and property tax deferment are also helpful options to consider. Remember to keep all of your tax relief options in mind when submitting any applications. There are so many ways to cut your living costs as well as costs that occur as the direct result of your disability. Different tax credits have different qualifying criteria. For example, a fuel tax credit will not have the same criteria as a disability tax credit. Take special care when completing any application forms and make sure that you have filled everything out completely and accurately.


Disability Tax Credit Supplement

If you are applying for a dependant who is under the age of 18, they could qualify for a supplement. In other words, you can increase the monthly amount by applying for the supplement on your dependant’s behalf. Again, just like any tax credit application, it’s always important to make sure that all relevant documentation is included and that the paperwork is properly completed.


For professional assistance from experts, call Tax Benefits Canada at +1 (855) 413-6971. Our team is dedicated to helping each of our clients make the most of the tax benefits available to them. A disability should not deplete your finances. Thanks to Disability Tax Credits, you too can enjoy the financial relief you deserve.