Filling out your T2201 Form

The T2201 form consists of two parts: an application and a certification.


The first part of the T2201 form is the easy part, as it asks you for your basic personal information: name, address, date of birth, and social insurance number.


The second part of the T2201 form requires is the more exhaustive part of the process, as you will need the help of a medical practitioner who can certify your medical state in a number of areas (i.e. vision and hearing).

Filling out your T2201 form on your own

Many Canadians elect to fill out their T2201 form by themselves, but because the process is so demanding, those people end up having their application denied.

Without the proper help and guidance of a specialized Disability Tax service company, many people fail to convince the CRA that they have a severe and prolonged mental or physical disability. Many Canadians who apply for the Disability Tax Credit don't realize the lengths they have to go to convince the CRA that they have a disability that keeps them out of the workforce and makes it difficult to perform basic daily tasks.

This is why many Canadians with disabilities don't receive the money they need from the government. Without the requisite knowledge or experience, these people submit a T2201 form that is either incomplete or just not persuasive.

Hiring a specialized Disability Tax Service Company

With the help of a Disability Tax Credit service company, the chances of your application getting approved increases significantly. Our experts will build a strong case for you and maximize your return.

You can trust us and our experience in filling out thousands of T2201 forms for our clients to get you the money you deserve. Our clients receive up to $45,000 in tax credit, and they don't pay us until they get approved for the DTC.

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Important things to know about the T2201 Form

The process of filling out your T2201 form and getting approved for the Disability Tax Credit can be long and uncertain. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when going through the process:

Purpose of Form

Your T2201 form must provide irrefutable proof that you are living with a disability that adversely affects your ability to work. We take the worry and stress out of filling out your form with our over ten years of experience helping clients complete their form and get approved for the Disability Tax Credit.

Complete Both Sections

It is imperative that both parts of the T2201 form are completed. Many people applying for the DTC choose to fill out only some of their form. With our help, we make completing the entire T2201 form simple and stress-free.

Medical Check-Up

It is essential that a medical practitioner certifies you in some key areas, including visions, speaking, hearing, walking, mental functions, and more. Without this, your application will not be approved.

Time Length

Once the CRA has received your T2201 form, you can expect to wait 4 - 6 weeks before you find out if you're application has been approved or not.

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