Top 6 mobile apps for anyone living with a disability

We live in a world where technology is a way of life, and as such, creative minds around the world are constantly developing gadgets, apps and devices meant to improve our lives.

Each new technology is designed to make life easier and, fortunately, we even have apps that are designed for those with specific disabilities. Just think about the way that texting changed communication for deaf or hearing impaired people. Now take that up several notches and you get the creative and innovative apps listed below!

Talkitt – For people with speech disorders

This app helps people with speech, motor, and language disorders. Examples include Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Parkinson’s Disease, and brain damage, to name a few.

The app translates troublesome pronunciation into comprehensible speech. You simply talk and the app clears up your speech so that others can understand. Remember, although caregivers and loved ones may learn to understand many mispronounced words and phrases, this app makes it possible to communicate with people who do not have this understanding. The app adapts to recognize the user’s speech patterns and, what’s more, this app works in all languages!

Be My Eyes – For the blind or visually impaired

This is an app with a truly human touch. It’s basically the means by which blind or visually impaired people can connect directly with sighted volunteers for assistance. We take for granted such things as being able to read a label or check the expiration date on foods. When the user needs help, they simply enter a request through the app and they are immediately connected with a volunteer. The volunteer can then read the label or check whatever the user needs from them. It’s fast, simple and effective. There are currently more than 90,000 volunteers and 7,000 visually impaired users enjoying the quality of life improvements that come with this app.

RogerVoice – For the deaf or hearing impaired

Through the use of voice recognition, the voice is converted to text. So, when a deaf or hearing impaired person receives or makes a phone call, they can “hear” the person on the other end thanks to the captions! This is an excellent app that helps the hearing impaired communicate more effectively and efficiently, which is an immensely important asset in our fast-paced world.

Proloquo2Go – Augmentative and Alternative Communication for those with receptive and expressive language difficulties.

Autism and Cerebral Palsy are just two examples of conditions that can cause difficulties in communication. This app allows the user to communicate verbally through the use of images that are extremely easy to understand. This is an app that is perfect for everyone from children to adults – no matter your current level of communication.

Stepping Stones – For those who need visual support (adults and children) in order to communicate.

This is a great app for those with disabilities that make it difficult for people to pay attention, like Autism, anxiety, or other learning disabilities. The user can create visual guides by using their own photos. This helps them make sense of their daily routines and schedules. The visual support of this app helps the user become more independent through teaching the most important and valuable life skills.

Look At Me – Used for communication and eye contact improvement for autistic children

Not only is this app effective, but it’s also fun, which is why it’s perfect for younger users. It helps users with learning to interpret moods, express themselves through appropriate facial expressions and remember faces. Playing with this app for just 15 minutes per day can have a substantial improvement in making eye contact. Since eye contact is one of the greatest hurdles for those suffering from autism, this app is considered by many to be a true asset and life-changing tool.

These are just some of the top apps that can be used to make daily life that much easier for people of all ages living with various difficulties. The interactive and progressive nature of many apps makes it possible for the user to enjoy a unique experience that caters specifically to their needs.

One thing that is evident throughout many apps is the way in which they make it possible to communicate even with those who are not familiar with the user or their specific speech patterns or common requests. If the user finds themselves in a situation where they need to communicate with law enforcement or some kind of first responder, it’s apps like these that will prove vital. Remember, a life with a disability does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise everything you love. With apps, plenty of support and even Disability Tax Credits, there’s plenty of help out there waiting for you. Call our team for professional assistance applying for your DTC.